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Explore General Legal Issues

Evaluating Your Losses In A Personal Injury Claim

by Ralph Griffin

Getting injured in an accident can mean devastating losses financially, physically, and emotionally. In order to receive compensation for your injuries, you will need to evaluate your losses. Figuring out the extent of your injuries takes time, as does determining property damage, lost wages, and medical bills. When you work with a personal injury attorney, you will get the guidance you need to determine what your case is worth. You will work with treatment providers to assess your injuries and figure out if you are permanently disabled or not. As your case progresses, it is important to understand what your losses are in order to figure out what a reasonable settlement offer looks like.

Adding Up Financial Losses

In evaluating your case, the easiest part is adding up your current financial losses. Medical bills, lost wages, and other costs you have incurred because of your injuries are all part of your financial losses. If you are able to return to work within a week or two, your financial losses may be limited. When you can't return to work and you aren't sure about your future ability to do so, your financial future is in question. When you lose your ability to work and support yourself because of your injuries, your claim becomes more substantial.

Determining Your Pain and Suffering

As part of your personal injury claim, you can receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Your treatment providers will be the people who provide proof as to the extent of your injuries. It is important to follow through with all medical care. Get to your appointments and always be honest about how you are feeling. Report new symptoms to your treatment providers and work with any specialists you are referred to. To calculate your pain and suffering, your personal injury attorney will want a clear picture of what is going on with your health from your medical team.

Your Long-Term Prognosis

You might reach a medical end to treatment because you are back to work and cured, or a substantial disability may remain. Your long-term prognosis is important, as your future ability to take care of your own needs may be impacted. If you are permanently disabled because of your injuries, it is important to negotiate a settlement offer that you can live with in the long term.

A personal injury lawyer will work with you on your claim and negotiate on your behalf. If your case is worth more than the insurance company is offering, you will have the support you need to bring your case to trial. Reach out to firms like that of Siben & Siben LLP for more information.