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Explore General Legal Issues

Parking Lot Injuries: Who Is Responsible And What To Do

by Ralph Griffin

Regardless of how tiresome errands get, almost no one can entirely avoid an occasional trip to the grocery store, hair salon, or cleaners. When you have to visit certain places over and over again, you might not be as alert as you should be and that is when accidents can happen. In other instances, someone else may be responsible for injuries and other damages after an accident. To find out more about the danger that lurks in a parking lot, read on.

Slip and Falls – You can easily slip and fall down in a store when something wet doesn't get cleaned up in time, but the same goes for a parking lot. If it's raining, you know your footing is unsure. But what about potholes and uneven pavement? Store owners and shopping center managers are responsible for making sure that pedestrians don't trip due to these issues by smoothing bumps, placing warnings near hazardous areas, and filling in holes.

Dangerous and Dark – You may have no choice but to head for your car even when it's dark and the lighting in the parking area leaves much to be desired. If you fall down due to bad lighting, you might be owed compensation. If you are attacked in a dark parking lot, it's not just a criminal matter. You can sue the parking lot owner for failing to properly light the area.

Hit By a Car – Being a pedestrian carries other hazards. When it comes to vehicle vs. person, there is no contest. Many larger vehicles have little visibility and some drivers fail to use due care when they back out of parking spaces. Most people do their best to be aware of this danger, but you cannot entirely avoid it. If a driver hits you, they may owe you for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

Hit By Another Driver – Once you are safely in your car, the problems don't end. While most parking lot accidents are of the minor variety, it is possible for a vehicle crash in a parking lot to result in injuries. It may not take much of an impact to prompt an airbag inflation, which can cause anything from burns and bruises to serious injuries requiring surgery to correct. When it comes to parking lot accidents with injuries, things can be complicated with both parties having to show who was not obeying common traffic rules, even if the accident did not occur on the road.

To help you make sense out of an injury that occurred while you were just trying to get caught up on errands and what kind of settlement you're owed, speak to a personal injury lawyer near you.