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Explore General Legal Issues

Is Your Career In Jeopardy? 3 Steps To Take When Your Nursing License Is Suspended

by Ralph Griffin

If your nursing license has been suspended, you may feel that you have no recourse, but that's not the case. Nursing licenses can be suspended for a variety of reasons, including failure to provide proper care and even DUI convictions. Regardless of the reason, it's important to know that you do have legal recourse for the action. It's also important for you to know that you need to act fast. The longer you delay, the harder it will be to get your license back. If you're planning to handle the process on your own, you need to rethink that decision. Fighting to get your nursing license back may be a long and stressful battle; one that's best handled by a nursing license defense attorney. Here are just three of the reasons you're better off with an attorney in your corner. 

Conduct the Investigation

If you've had your nursing license suspended, and you want to fight to get it back, you're going to need strong evidence to support your attempt. If you're handling your own case, you might not know how to locate that evidence. Not only that but conducting the investigation will be difficult if you handle it on your own. That's where an attorney is critical to the process. Your attorney will conduct the investigation and gather any evidence that will help you to get your license back. 

Handle the Paperwork

If your nursing license has been revoked, you can expect a lot of paperwork. You'll receive paperwork from the licensing board. But, there will also be paperwork for you to fill out. Some of the paperwork will be confusing. It might also require documentation that you're not familiar with. Unfortunately, if the paperwork isn't handled properly, you could lose the battle to get your license reinstated, which is why you need an attorney. A nursing license defense attorney will take care of the paperwork for you. That way, nothing gets lost in the shuffle. 

Prepare for the Hearing

If you're fighting to get your nursing license reinstated, you may need to attend a hearing. If that's the case, you'll need to be prepared for that meeting. If you're handling things for yourself, you may not know what to expect from the hearing. Unfortunately, that lack of knowledge and preparation can get you into trouble. You won't need to worry about that when you hire an attorney. They'll put you through a brief training session so that you'll know exactly what to expect from the hearing. If your case needs to go through the appeals process, your attorney will prepare you for that as well. 

To learn more or to get help, reach out to a local nursing license defense attorney.