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Explore General Legal Issues

The Importance of Hiring a Social Security Attorney for Your Case

by Ralph Griffin

Even after working and paying into the system for years, you may face an immense obstacle to winning disability benefits from the government. You bear the burden of proving that you are in fact disabled and cannot work. You also must convince the government to pay you out the full maximum amount to which you are entitled.

Rather than argue for yourself, you can instead hire a lawyer to argue for you. You can lighten your legal burden as a claimant by retaining a Social Security attorney to represent you.

Filing Your Initial Case

You begin your legal case by filing and submitting the proper paperwork with the federal disability court. This paperwork consists of verifying that you are a citizen and have worked long enough to receive benefits. It also consists of proving where you live and what kind of illness or injury you have that prevents you from working.

Your lawyer has the paperwork on hand in his or her office and can fill it out on your behalf. He or she can also file it with the court and get your case scheduled on the court's docket for a first hearing.

Representing You in the Hearing

When you go to court, you do not have to argue for yourself before the judge. Your Social Security attorney can speak on your behalf and answer most, if not all, of the judge's questions. 

You may avoid having to answer complex legal questions about your case. You avoid making mistakes that can cost you your case or compel the judge to decide against you.

Filing an Appeal

Your Social Security attorney can likewise file an appeal if your initial case is denied. It is common for many applicants to have their first cases denied. However, you can file as many appeals as necessary to win the benefits to which you are entitled. Your lawyer can keep your case active and continue to submit claims and proof until the judge decides in your favor.

An experienced Social Security attorney can provide you with valuable services that you need as a claimant. He or she can file the initial case and fill out the paperwork for you. He or she can also argue for you in court and answer any questions so you avoid making errors. Finally, he or she can file an appeal if your first case is denied. Contact a local attorney for further information.