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Explore General Legal Issues

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Coal Miner Attorney

by Ralph Griffin

Coal mining is a crucial source of income for families across the United States. However, the working condition in coal mines can be pretty dangerous. Accidents can occur at any moment without warning. You can sustain injuries and other health complications alike. In case you're in such a situation, here are three reasons why you should hire a coal miner attorney.

1. Determining liability

When you sustain injuries in a coal mine, you're likely to receive workers' insurance compensation. However, for you to receive a fair settlement, you need a coal miner injury attorney to prove negligence. Your lawyer will help you collect evidence against your employer or other third parties. Bear in mind that determining liability on your own is no easy feat. Also, your employer could seek legal representation, meaning they have the edge over you. Thus, it's crucial to work with a legal expert who can build a strong case. Your attorney can assign liability in case of the following issues:

  • Falls and slips
  • Flooding
  • Injuries
  • Death

2. Seeking just settlement

In most cases, you can file a claim to receive a settlement to cover damages. However, insurance companies may offer you unfair compensation. Fortunately, you can hire a coal miner injury attorney to help you seek just payment. That way, you can claim emotional, financial, and physical damages from your insurer. A coal miner attorney can estimate the amount you should claim and write a letter to your insurance company.

If your insurer quotes a low figure, your attorney will advise you to reject it, and they will write another letter requesting a fair settlement. The money can help you pay for medical expenses.

3. Pursuing a judgment

In other circumstances, your employer can take you to court once you get injured in a coal mine. When you take a job at a coal mine, you automatically assume some form of personal liability. Typically, your boss can file a lawsuit saying that you are responsible for your injuries. At this point, you need an attorney to develop an airtight case against your employer. 

This legal expert will prove to the court that, indeed, poor working conditions contributed to your injuries. In addition to that, lack of training and product liability could be the cause of your injuries. Surveillance videos and safety records can help you win such a case. An experienced coal miner attorney can present such facts before a jury or judge.

Coal mining is one of the riskiest jobs, and it requires strict safety standards. Unfortunately, most miners who get injured don't fully understand their legal rights. Therefore, if you or a loved one has been injured, ensure that you get in touch with a knowledgeable coal miner attorney to help protect your rights and pursue compensation. 

For more information, contact a coal miner attorney near you.