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Explore General Legal Issues

Why You Should Never Go Through a DUI Case Without a Lawyer

by Ralph Griffin

It is a crime to drive anywhere while under the influence of any intoxicating substances such as alcohol, drugs, and even prescribed medications. Therefore, you get in deep trouble when charged with a DUI. While you have the option of a public defender, hiring a DUI lawyer is the best decision. They will offer all the assistance you might need from the moment of the arrest to the release. Take a look at more reasons to hire a DUI lawyer below. 

They Have Myriad Strategies to Win DUI Cases

The number one reason for hiring a DUI lawyer is because they never walk into a courtroom without a plan. One of the strategies includes thoroughly inspecting the police reports for any errors such as inappropriate arrests. For example, they may have improperly pulled you over, which can warrant the dismissal of your case. Additionally, if you were arrested while on the passenger's seat, your lawyer can prove you were not the driver or that you were simply resting, waiting for the effects to wear off. They will also check for any inaccuracies in the lab tests and use them to your advantage.

They Will Negotiate on Your Behalf

Once charged with a DUI, you may feel pressured by the prosecution to accept the charges. Without a good lawyer offering valuable advice on handling such situations, you might find yourself pleading guilty. That is why you need a DUI lawyer to do the negotiations on your behalf. Using the strategies mentioned above, your attorney can find loopholes to weaken the prosecutor's claims. It increases your chances of receiving a better deal. If they cannot get your case dismissed, they will get the prosecution to reduce your sentence, especially if it is your first offense.

You Have a Better Shot at Beating the DUI Charges

As already established, a DUI charge is treated as a felony in most states. Therefore, experts do not recommend handling it alone. If you want to increase your chances of getting a better deal or even dismissal of the charges, you have no option but to hire a DUI lawyer. They are the only ones with adept skills for handling such cases.

Never attempt to represent yourself when arrested for a charge of driving under the influence. Instead, look for a DUI attorney as soon as you are arrested so they can take up your case. Then, not only do you have a better shot at getting good results, but your mind will also be at peace.