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Explore General Legal Issues

Have You Been Hurt By a Truck? What Victims Should Know

by Ralph Griffin

Big trucks provide consumers with an invaluable service. Now more than ever, we are grateful that truckers get our goods from one point to another. However, when it comes to sharing the road with these large vehicles, things can get dangerous. Read on and find out more accidents with trucks.

Bad Accidents and Worse Injuries

When a passenger vehicle goes toe-to-toe with a big rig, you don't need to guess the outcome. Time and time again, passenger cars are no match for the larger, heavier trucks. Unfortunately, it can get worse when that truck is speeding. Not all truckers speed, but when they do, they can leave carnage in their wake. If you have been involved in a truck vs. car accident, your vehicle is likely to be a total loss. When it comes to injuries, all the factors combined can make it more likely that the occupants of the passenger car will not just be hurt but hurt catastrophically.

Trucking Accidents Can Be More Complex

It might not be obvious, at first, who is liable for the accident. The issue of liability is not about fault but about who is responsible for the at-fault vehicle. Some truckers own and operate their own trucks. Many more, however, work for a trucking company. Regardless of who is liable, they are hopefully insured.

If you find you are dealing with a trucking company, particularly a large national trucking firm, be on high alert. These large companies do everything they can to avoid paying victims after an accident. While large trucking companies are well-insured, they are also ready to fight against claims.

It may seem hard to believe, but when an accident happens involving a truck owned by a large firm, you may spot an accident adjuster on the scene before the vehicles have been cleared. While attorneys are prevented from appearing at the scene of an accident in most places, there is nothing to prevent insurance employees from being there. Unfortunately, that can make gathering and preserving evidence tricky. The insurance adjuster for the trucking firm may grab the black box and recording equipment from the wreckage before any knows what has happened.

All the above problems make it important to get a personal injury lawyer on your side right away. Evidence can slip away, and you might end up being paid less than you should. Speak to a personal injury lawyer to find out more.