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Explore General Legal Issues

Are You Looking To Facilitate A Quick Divorce? Take The Following Measures

by Ralph Griffin

Some people hesitate to dissolve their marriages, remaining in unhealthy relationships because they mistakenly believe that the process is long and costly. However, this is not always the case. Some divorces take a shorter time and cost a lower amount of money. This is especially so if the divorcing couples hire a lawyer to represent them in their case. Thus, it would help to contract a legal practitioner immediately after you decide to dissolve your marriage. Your attorney will ask you to take the following measures to enable you to dissolve your marriage in a time-efficient manner.

Agree on the Major Issues

Start by discussing the divorce with your partner and see whether you can agree on certain major issues. These include how you will distribute your possessions and who will live with the kids when you and your partner part ways. You also need to discuss the amount of money the non-custodial parent will be contributing to ensure that the children live comfortable lives. As you agree on the important divorce issues, you need to consult a lawyer to help you draft legal agreements to establish that you and your partner are in consensus. Your lawyer will then present the agreements in court for approval. This ensures that the documents are legally binding. The process takes a relatively short time, enabling you to get a divorce quickly so that you can all move on with your lives.

Make Your Separation Official as Soon as Possible

Many contested divorces take years to settle, which is why you should aim to prevent your marriage dissolution from becoming contested. To this end, you can separate from your partner as soon as you decide on a divorce. Separation can help to salvage an amicable relationship because the divorcing parties are not treading on each other. It is also important if you live in a state that only allows couples to divorce after they have lived separately for a specified time. Accordingly, you need to consult a lawyer when it seems that a divorce is imminent. They will let you know what role a separation will play under your state laws.

Enlist the Services of an Attorney

Working with an attorney may also hasten the divorce process and enable you to get your divorce sooner. They will counsel you on what to say when negotiating with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. This will help prevent you from saying anything that might cause disagreements. Your attorney will also avoid pitfalls when preparing your case and pushing your paperwork through the court process. These measures will expedite the process, enabling you to finalize your divorce quickly.

Your marriage dissolution may take less time if you apply the above strategies. The most important measure is hiring a divorce attorney to guide you through the legal process. This will enable you to avoid errors that might complicate or delay the process.

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