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Explore General Legal Issues

Maintain Control Over Your Estate Before And After Death

by Ralph Griffin

It may seem as though what happens to your assets after death does not matter, but your assets are more important than you think. The reason is that after you have passed away, your assets will be left to your loved ones, which could cause conflict. You can plan before death regarding what happens to your assets if you want to protect your loved ones. For instance, creating an estate plan with help from a lawyer is the most secure way to maintain control over what happens to your assets after death. You do not want to make an estate plan on your own because it might have mistakes that will still cause conflict for your loved ones. 

Do Not Delay Creating an Estate Plan

Whether it is due to not seeing the need for an estate plan or delaying the task, many people do not have a plan in place. No matter how few assets you may have, an estate plan is handy for several reasons. For example, do you have assets that are only valuable in a sentimental way? An estate plan can ensure that those sentimental items are inherited by the individuals that you desire them to go to after your death. It is important to hire a lawyer to create an estate plan as soon as possible because death is not something that can be predicted or prevented.

Know What to Include in an Estate Plan

After deciding that you would like to create an estate plan, your next step is to decide what should be included in the plan. Without a lawyer, you might create a plan that is not thorough enough for your needs. For example, you might not consider how your estate should be managed if you become ill and incompetent. A lawyer can assist with designing a plan that includes how you should be cared for and who is in charge of paying bills in such a case. They can help you decide who your beneficiaries are, as well as include several other things that will be important after your death.

Revise Your Estate Plan When Needed

You need a lawyer because creating an estate plan does not mean that it will be relevant until you pass away. For example, it is possible for one of the beneficiaries in your estate plan to pass away before you do. A lawyer can revise your estate plan in such cases to ensure that it maintains accurate information. Failing to revise an estate plan when necessary could cause problems for your loved ones upon your death.

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