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Explore General Legal Issues

3 Situations That Demand a Tax Sale Attorney

by Ralph Griffin

A tax sale is a kind of foreclosure process set in motion by the failure of a property's owner to pay property taxes. In some cases, such as those referred to as tax deed sales, the actual property is foreclosed upon by some government entity at the county or state level. As such, the property is promptly auctioned off to the highest bidder. Tax lien sales, on the other hand, are conducted by the Internal Revenue Service and are done so that the government can be paid as soon as possible for what a property owner owes in back taxes.

The tax lien can be purchased by another individual or corporation, which is then repaid by the property owner in order to avoid foreclosure. All of this makes for a confusing network of legal proceedings, which is why it is best to have a lawyer throughout the process. Take a look below at just three situations that require expert tax sale services provided by an attorney.

Purchasing a Tax Deed

One of the most common issues that bidders run into is a property that does not have a marketable title, meaning that there are no unreasonable defects that would prevent its transfer to another party. An attorney can help you perform a title search and make sure that none of these kinds of defects (including a tax lien) exist. Since there are no guarantees of a perfect title during an auction, hiring a tax sale attorney can save you valuable time and money.

Exercising the Right of Redemption

Many states allow citizens to exercise their right of redemption, meaning that they can ultimately reclaim their auctioned property. This right is often limited to a certain period of time following the sale, and it has fairly strict criteria an owner must satisfy. If you are looking for a way to exercise your right of redemption in your state, set up a consultation with a tax sale attorney who can help create a path forward.

Dealing with Out of State Property

Property and tax sale laws vary widely from state to state. If you have recently purchased a tax sale deed or lien on a property in another state (or have recently been informed of possible foreclosure on an out-of-state property you own), then it is wise to contact a tax sale attorney as soon as possible in order to get expert advice on state-specific laws.

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