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Explore General Legal Issues

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney When Addressing an Assault Charge

by Ralph Griffin

Facing an assault charge can be nerve-wracking, especially if you believe you're innocent. You may have been defending yourself and thus had to act out in violence. Dealing with an assault charge will be easier to do with assistance from a criminal defense attorney. They can help in the following ways. 

Gather Evidence

To have a good shot at getting off an assault charge or lessening it, you need evidence. This is where a criminal defense attorney can help. They'll go back to the scene of the crime and talk to relevant parties. 

There may be witnesses who can corroborate your account of the event or there may be footage from where the violent acts broke out. Whatever evidence is gathered, the attorney will use it to strengthen your case. This is important for receiving a favorable outcome. 

Speed Up the Process

If you try dealing with an assault charge yourself, the process can drag out. This is not ideal because it could mean spending more money and dealing with more stress. The best way you can speed up the process is hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney.

They'll put their experience to work and take you through the various defense stages quickly. They know exactly which parties to talk to and what forms to fill out. If this assault charge ends up in court, they'll do their best to speed up these proceedings as well. This way, you can take care of this charge and move on with your life.

Protect Your Rights

Dealing with an assault charge is already stressful enough. The last thing you then need is having your rights violated, whether it's by the party claiming you caused them physical harm or the attorney representing this party. 

You can rest assured your rights will be protected all throughout this process when you get assistance from a criminal defense lawyer. They can intervene when they feel the plaintiff or their attorney gets out of line in and out of court. You can feel confident justice will be served and you won't be taken advantage of with an attorney by your side.

Assault charges happen to people every day, but sometimes they are not just. If you believe you shouldn't have been charged with assault, talk to a criminal defense lawyer right away. They'll start working on your case, providing accommodating services and helping you settle this charge in a stress-free manner.