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Explore General Legal Issues

Should You Use An Attorney To File For Disability? Reasons You Need One

by Ralph Griffin

Many people are dealing with lifelong disabilities across the country. Some of the conditions are minor and do not cause many complications in the patients' daily life. On the other hand, some conditions are completely incapacitating, and they make it nearly impossible to function normally. The government has instituted a disability benefits program to help people who cannot make a living because of their physical disabilities.

However, to benefit from this program, you have to prove beyond doubt that the disability has robbed you of the ability to work and make a living. Mistakes in the application process often lead to denial of benefits. If you are planning to file for disability, it is best to hire a disability claim attorney. Here are the reasons for engaging a lawyer. 

They Will Assess Your Condition to See if You Qualify

The first thing the lawyer will do is to give you a preliminary assessment of your condition. The assessment aims to determine whether your disability qualifies for the benefits. You are eligible only if your condition warrants assistance. The lawyer will use your medical records to prove your eligibility. On the other hand, if your disability does not affect your work and quality of life, the lawyer might recommend other forms of help.

They Will File the Disability Claim 

The process of filing for disability benefits might look easy on the surface. However, you need to fill in a lot of technical and intricate details in the paperwork. Any small mistake can lead to application denial. For that reason, you should enlist the help of a lawyer when filling the forms. They will cross-check all the documents to ensure they are accurately filled. Furthermore, the lawyer will help you gather evidence that needs to be attached to your application. That way, you stand a higher chance of acquiring the benefits. 

They Will Help You Make Updates

Issues may arise in your health condition after receiving the benefits. When that happens, you need to update your records with the disability department. A disability attorney is quite useful in this situation. They help you amend your documents accurately so that you can continue benefiting from the program. 

When you face a disability due to an accident or illness, seek government disability benefits. Since there thousands of applications being made, you need the guidance and assistance of an expert. Hiring a competent and experienced lawyer increases your chances of acquiring the benefits.