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Explore General Legal Issues

Do You Want A Successful Personal Injury Claim? 3 Insurers' Tactics To Watch Out For

by Ralph Griffin

An accident that results in a personal injury can cause financial stress, especially if you require specialized treatment. In this case, you must follow up on your claim to ensure that you get a payout that will cater to all your current and future medical expenses. Unfortunately, the insurance firm might only be concerned about their profits. Therefore, they may try to persuade you to accept a lower settlement or link you to the accident, claiming you're not entitled to get any payment. It's up to you to remain vigilant and ensure that you get every coin you deserve. A bad insurer may try to use various tactics to illegally lower or refuse to pay your rightful compensation. They include the following:

They Might Persuade You to Accept Their First Offer

Generally, insurance companies avoid court battles because they are costly. Therefore, they will persuade you to accept their first offer so that you settle your medical expenses. Most times, they do not investigate the case before making the offer. Because of that, they may not fully understand the losses and damages you've incurred. 

Accepting such an offer means paying some cash from your pocket if your medical bills exceed the payment you receive. For this reason, it is never wise to accept the insurance settlement before fully assessing your current and future losses. Instead, it would be best to settle only after a comprehensive examination of your injuries and a projection of the required treatments. 

They May Threaten You to Make You Accept Their Offer

The claims adjuster can threaten to close your case if you don't accept their offer. Besides that, they might dismiss negotiations with your lawyer if you reject the payment they've put on the table. It's advisable not to yield to this pressure because you might not be able to claim anything else after putting pen on paper. Instead, your lawyer may need to file a case in court since an out-of-court settlement isn't feasible. 

They Can Use Delaying Tactics 

The law specifies the period insurance companies must respond to claim requests from accident victims. Even so, your insurer can use delaying tactics, hoping that you will accept their offer or give up along the way. If your claim has lingered over a long period, it's time to file a lawsuit.

If you realize that your insurer doesn't have your best interest at heart, speak to your personal injury lawyer. They will help you fight the unfair practices above and any other tactics the claim adjuster may use to profit from your claim.