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Explore General Legal Issues

Follow These Lawyer's Guidelines For An Easy Experience With Divorce

by Ralph Griffin

Many people who have been through a divorce will tell you it is one of the most challenging journeys they have experienced. This is because you have to sort through many financial, personal, and practical details of your life, which can get overwhelming. As such, it helps to have someone who has guided others through the legal process holding your hand. Here are a few things you should avoid if you want an easy time with your divorce.

Don't Involve the Children in the Battle

Kids need to be surrounded by caring adults to cope with separation. So, avoid describing the procedure too much. Instead, focus on supporting them with your newfound spare time. For example, redirect your efforts to be present at their school and extracurricular activities, assist with schoolwork, and accompany them on occasional outings to the theater or zoo. Note that as you unwind, so will they. Moreover, the purpose of this divorce is to reduce tension in your family, so you should feel safe discussing it with your kids.

Don't Forget to Change Your Will

A will is not rendered null and void upon dissolution of the marriage. Hence, you should revise it if you no longer want your soon-to-be ex-spouse to inherit any property or rights you've specified for them in your will. Note that you can revise your document at any point in time. However, if you pass away before getting divorced and haven't left anything to your spouse, they can file a claim to get some of your assets back.

Don't Overlook the Taxes

In most cases, the parent granted custody of the children usually receives the family home. However, you can turn down the house and request the equivalent asset base if you cannot pay taxes, maintenance, and mortgage. Note that you might want to think twice before taking on the home because, as a single person, you cannot defer as much of your taxable capital gains as you would as a married couple. Hence, invest in recently acquired equities for the best returns if you want to minimize your tax bill. Therefore, you should speak to your lawyer about downsizing and investing in what will be best for you.

These are some of the mistakes that land people in endless trouble after they separate from their partners. However, if you can avoid them, you will have a peaceful experience with the separation and life after. More importantly, consult a divorce attorney and get their guidance on the process. They will make the process simple, productive, and completely stress-free.